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There is NO GREATER PUNNIYAM than doing Gho Dhanam; Performing Gho Samrakshanam is Parama Punniyam, Parama Dharma. Performing Gho Matha Samrakshanam is the biggest Lakshmi Puja as well Our mother feeds us milk only for a year or two whereas Gho Matha feeds us for our entire lifetime. Not only milk, she also provides curd, ghee, buttermilk, dried cow dung cakes that are used for Homams/Yajnas. We also get Basma (Vibuthi) from dried cow dung cakes. Gho Matha is very soft and tender by nature. Gho Matha takes the form of Bhoo Matha and Sri Matha as well.

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    This temple’s history dates back many years. The place Walajapet is revered as a sacred place as sage Agasthiya, used to be Anjaneyar temple…

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    Address: Sivam Seva Trust
    Sri Kubera Veera anjaneyar Temple, Navagraha kottai, No:15 /5 Kamakshi nagar, Walajapet – 632513, Ranipet district, Tamil Nadu, India.
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