Astrology & Vasthu

Let’s explore the horoscope and give a advice from the guide and perform the parigara pooja yagya which will slove all kinds of problems make us benefit

Mantra Upa Desa Deekha

Every deity has every special power. Mantras of the respective deities according to the needs of the people. This blessing is to give the secret of worshiping your desired deities as a magical instructional zeal so that when the sub-nation prays, the goodwill happen.


The special features of Parikara Puja are to get rid of all the difficulties and problems that may arise in the life of the people,to achieve success, wealth,  health, happiness,  peace of mind and to receive the blessings of the respective angels.

Subha Yatra

The auspicious pilgrimage is to receive blessings by making a pilgrimage to the best powerful spiritual sites in Tamil Nadu, India, and the world so that one can receive divine vibrations while on a pilgrimage and receive good things with the blessings of God according to the need of life. Subha yathra

Ganapati Homa

Ganapati Homa is the blessing of Ganesha who can remove all obstacles and bestow victories.

Aayush Homam

Birthday Pooja is a special prayer and blessing to the Lord to live of health, prosperity and prosperity without any moment of illness.

Wedding Ceremony

He does all sorts of rituals according to the etiquette of their clan traditions to make the couple happy with all the resources by performing the wedding Ceremony.

New House

Special Puja to bless you to live a healthy life with all kinds of eye-sights and negative vibes while building a new house.

Vidhya Saraswathi Pooja

Vidhya saraswathi pooja to excel in education, Memory power boldness, fearless and focus blessing.

Other Services

  • Puja on the day of commencement of business praying to god and blessing to make your business better and profitable.
  • Pray to the Lord and bless them so that their blessings are available to you on the day of your ancestors.
  • Stay away from disease and get healthy. Pooja for the cure of diseases.
  • Debt relief to get rid of debt problems.
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