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All 33 crore devathas reside in Gho Matha. She is a walking temple by herself. All Punniya Theerthas (Sacred rivers) reside in her Vedas, Sastras, Itihasas, and Puranas emphasize the importance of Gho Matha Samrakshanam Seva, and worship umpteen number of times Protecting Mother Cow is Protecting the world. The world will be much more peaceful only when atrocities against Gho Matha stops. If Mother Cow is put in distress the entire world will suffer as well. Cow Protection is extremely important for Loka Kshemam.

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    This temple’s history dates back many years. The place Walajapet is revered as a sacred place as sage Agasthiya, used to be Anjaneyar temple…

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    Address: Sivam Seva Trust
    Sri Kubera Veera anjaneyar Temple, Navagraha kottai, No:15 /5 Kamakshi nagar, Walajapet – 632513, Ranipet district, Tamil Nadu, India.
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